Inactive Taxon Malagasy Scops-Owl

When Malagasy Scops-Owl was split, it seems like some people’s IDs didn’t update, so now they sit as maverick even though they are agreeing on the species:

Two things going on here. Even though they have the same name, the old Malagasy Scops-Owl is a different taxon than the new Malagasy Scops Owl, because the old taxon included what is now split off as Torotoroka Scops-Owl. So the old maverick IDs are not actually agreeing with the new version of Malagasy Scops-Owl.

That said, they may have intended to agree with the new Malagasy Scops-Owl, but if a user does not check Automatically update my content for taxon changes in their account settings, then they have to manually update their IDs for any taxon changes. One of the users is still active after 8 years and probably just hasn’t noticed the issue yet. The other user hasn’t been active since the day after they added their (8-year-old) ID, so that one will probably never get fixed.