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Hmm, most editors will delete those since it’s already in the taxonbar (that’s what the taxonbar is for, to make a bunch of external links to helpful websites more compact).

Doesn’t the taxonbar read dynamically from Wikidata ? I’m not sure if you can manually update the contents (to be clear not meant to say you cant, saying I don’t know), but if you add the identifier iNaturalist taxon ID, which is P3151 then the taxonbar will automatically pick that up, as I just tested with a species which had a taxonbar but the Wikidata element was not there.

The links in the taxonbar do come automatically from Wikidata, but you can also manually edit the taxonbar:

The template Peter’s referring is separate from the taxonbar and it creates a little standardized link with text:

{{inaturalist taxon|4631}}


Citizen science observations for Magnificent frigatebird at iNaturalist


Please read the conversation on the closed flag as background and advise as to what my process should be. A brief summary:

  • I spot a problem with an About page and flag the taxon to try to make it visible because I don’t have time to do a Wikipedia edit that meets my exacting standards.
  • A curator closes the the flag without action because they don’t have time to do a Wikipedia edit that meets their exacting standard.
  • The resolved flag remains on the books, but the likelihood that it gets actually resolved is now near nil.

How can we improve on this clearly broken process? I’d like it to go into someone’s queue. I need some low-effort way of doing that, and feel others do, too.

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It’s not the role of an iNaturalist curator to do other tasks on other websites, so even though I am an active Wikipedia editor I kind of take issue with this. Wikipedia is freely editable by anyone, not just curators - maybe it would be better to bring it up on the article’s Talk page or relevant WikiProject, or to add it to your to do list for future consideration when you have more time to make the edits.


Putting what I put in the flag in the Talk page seems reasonable on the face of it, but I fear that will have such low visibility to the iNat community that nobody will find it again and deal with it. And if the iNat community doesn’t later find it and follow up on it, it seems less likely anyone else will.

Putting it in my own to-do list is a guaranteed way to lose it forever. ;)

I resolve issues brought up on Wikipedia Talk pages all the time. :+1:


Hmm … OK, so how about:

Ways to help improve iNaturalist taxon pages through Wikipedia

  • A good way to quickly note an issue you’ve spotted with a Wikipedia taxon page (if you’re not going to update the page directly, which is preferable when you can) is to add a note to its Talk page.

Of relevance to people following this discussion:

Cassi, I read through this thread hoping to find out how often iNat updates from the Wikipedia articles. I tried to find out in the help, but no luck there. And, is there a way to request that one be manually updated if it hasn’t been yet?

I thought in the wikidata threads stood that wikipedia articles are cached for a week. And I agree that after some weeks a redirect worked…


A small group of volunteers have been meeting online to write Wikipedia articles together starting from observations from iNaturalist. This lead to the Wikipedia Weekly Biodiversity edition, for which we will have our 2nd episode on March 27 (CET)/March 28 (NZT). Like with our zoom sessions earlier we will select a species not yet covered on Wikipedia and together create the article for that species (sometimes in multiple languages). Everybody is welcome to join us in this live session through the chat channel and help us grow the article(s).

The first episode where we worked on is available here


…Hylaeus relegatus, also known as the Māori masked bee, very cute mask, and very timely idea…
Seriously, great project !


i m just watching the first episode (i m on half way yet), i got confused by topics jumping here and there and some talks etc. since it was my first time user creation on wiki things too. when you click things for the first time, i got different pages and all then shown in video. but i think i made my first template creation on wikipedia, and item creation on wikidata for “Celosia argentea var. plumosa” just as trial.

now, i need to find the tool for image upload from iNat, also learn how to add the iNat taxon ID to wikidata when it didnt created before. then i ll be on my way helping on this too :slightly_smiling_face:

ps: the page i created on wikipedia appearantly need a review before published
edit: got how to add iNat taxon to wikidata too yaay :upside_down_face:

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Just so you know: you don’t have to limit it to living languages, either. There are Wikipedia articles written in dead languages. For example: Pīntrēow (can you tell what language it is?)

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the thorn is Icelandic?

The thorn was once used in more languages than just Icelandic. You are in the right linguistic clade, though.

I frequently use the Wikipedia template suggestion from iNaturalist when there is not yet a Wikipedia article on the species observed. (e.g. I am getting some pushback for the parent taxon parameter in that template I personally like the explicitness given that there is not always consensus between resources on what the parent is, but I can also see that this can be an issue, given no reference is given in the infobox.

I am wondering if is not better to remove the parent field from the template and deal with the disagreement in the Wikipedia article itself.

see discussion here

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