Include ID when merging photos on web uploader

Apologies if this is already in there somewhere, 400+ feature requests are tough to navigate.

Currently on the website uploader if you:

  • add picture 1 and id it, and then drag picture 2 onto it to merge the pics, the id from pic 1 is retained
  • add picture 1 and id it, have picture 2 with no id, drag picture 1 onto picture, the id is lost.

Basically if dragging a photo that has an id onto one that does not, then apply the id from the populated one onto the blank one.

Use case - realizing picture 2 is the better one and seeking it to be the primary one.

I usually upload and combine my photos first, then add an ID to the combined “stack” in the uploader. Is there a reason you are doing the opposite? Wanting to get CV suggestions for each separate photo first maybe?