Incorrect assignment to checklist based on range map of a different species

This species has been assigned to the checklist for Poland

However, when you look at the source information on the page, it says that it is listed here due to the taxon range for a different species alltogether. The species used to be classed as a subspecies of the Eurasian Stone Curlew which is the range that it is listing, but that split took place I believe in 2005 well before iNat launched, and I don’t think I can see any evidence of a taxon swap.

There are a couple of closed flags related to ranges,
But I can’t figure out why it would assign a species to a checklist based on the range for a different species.

2nd instance just found :

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@loarie added a flag here:

I made and curated an atlas which involved getting rid of the Poland listing
the todo is to replace the misspecified range map on as described in the flag (I don’t think its worth a split since both taxa are active and there’s not alot of ‘sensu lato’ obs ob 4923-Burhinus-oedicnemus)

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