Incorrect Species In Taxon Page

Platform: iOS App

App version number: 3.2.4

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:
-Platycryptus undatus taxon page
-Showing the user’s range, and the correct genus.

There is an image on the taxon page for Platycryptus undatus that is the incorrect species and genus. This was taken by a user in Mexico, outside the range of Platycryptus undatus. It is actually within the genus Balmaceda.

Step 1: got to the mobile taxon page for Platycryptus undatus

Step 2: remove the image by Cheryl Harleston López Espino.

Step 3: (Optional) Move the photo to genus taxon page Balmaceda.

It’s not a bug, everyone can change main photos of a taxon, you go to taxon page, click on Curation, Edit photos and choose those you think fit the best, I deleted this one from Platycryptus.


I did not know that, thank you.

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Just checked, we don’t have that option on the app. Makes sense why I didn’t know. Thank you.