Incorrect spelling of donate in Danish

The button has the text donèr

As far as I know the imperative for donere, the Danish verb to donate is doner or donér (as an accepted alternative accent top right to bottom left not with the current accent). Technically there are no accents in Danish, they are only used in borrowed words.

Were you unable to fix it on Crowdin? I’m not seeing any corrections added there.

I would rather a native Danish speaker enter and do any translations. While I lived there for an extended period, and consider myself relatively fluent, it is not my native language.

I have corrected it on Crowdin. The (my) incorrect accent was keyboard error :)

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Let’s keep Bug Reports restricted to incidences of iNaturalist not functioning properly; translation issues don’t really fit under that rubric. If there’s a translation issue @cmcheatle, probably best to use CrowdIn and either add what you think is the right translation or mention the person who added “DONÈR” and ask them if that’s correct.

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