Index of Red Lists / similar documents

An index listing of available national/regional/taxonomic Red Lists or other similar documents.

This is a wiki, please feel free to contribute by simply editing the main topic. :

Geography based

Angola - Angolan national Red List (in Portuguese)

Belgium - Belgian national and regional Red Lists - page in English, data files in French or Dutch

Brazil - Brazilian national Red Lists (in Portuguese)

China - Vertebrates - in Chinese

Denmark - Danish national Red List (in Danish)

Estonia - Estonian national Red List

Finland - Finnish national Red List (2019) in English

France - French national Red Lists - in French, select ‘Red Lists of species’ from the ‘Select a program’ dropdown, then select desired group from ‘National red List (UICN France and MNHN)’

Greece - Birds (in Greek)

Iceland - Icelandic national Red Lists for birds, mammals and vascular plants (in English)

Ireland - Irish national Red Lists

Israel (and Palestine) – Plants Red List (in Hebrew)

Netherlands 18 groups flora and fauna
Dutch national Red List (2019) in Dutch, government
Dutch national Red List (2019) in Dutch, Wikipedia

Poland - Vascular Plants and Fungi - in Polish

Portugal - Portuguese national Red Lists: Vertebrates, 2005, Bryophytes, 2013,
Vascular Plants, 2020, Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates, ongoing (in Portuguese)

Russian - Red book of Russia 2001 (in Russian)

+Crimean - Red book of Animalia of Crimea 2015 (in Russian) Red book of Plants, Algae and Fungi of Crimea 2015 (in Russian)

South Africa - Plants (2017: new site to be loaded soon) / Animals (2016) / but Mammals (2016) /
Sensitive Species (in English)

Spain - Mammals, 2007 / Birds, 2007 / Herps, 2002 / Invertebrates, 2005 / Vascular flora, 2010 (pretty much all in Spanish)

Sweden - Swedish national Red List (in Swedish)

Turkey - Butterflies (in English)


Here’s a library of National Red Lists


Yes, I was going to gradually use that link, however, many of those links are outdated our just link to larger document libraries, so I was trying to find the actual documents to link to.


Is it OK to add links that are entirely in a non-English language?

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Of course, several of my first ones are not in English. Likely best to note in the link as seen above.

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