Indicate to curators observations marked as spam in views

Observations marked as spam are hidden from view to all users other than curators.

When looking at a list of observations for example on /observations on the page can observations marked as spam please get some kind of indicator on the summary page ( ie that you don’t have to open the observation).

Just had a situation where user added content that needed to be removed from public view as quickly as possible. For obvious reasons no further details or links here. Its after midnight EST and staff are off for the night (I believe they have been messaged to get rid of it all).

It was 40 odd observations, each had to be manually one at a time marked as spam to hide it, it got very difficult to keep track of which were done and which still pending. It would have been much easier if the page showed me which were already done ( or even easier had I been able to mark all as spam in one click, but I know that is a non starter)

This is a great idea. Maybe another idea could be to add a sort of message on top of the images, such as the Copyrighted Media Removed image for copyright infringement.

Just an update: the observations have since been deleted by staff, I believe.