Introduced symbol vanishes on comment/ID refresh

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome, Windows 7

URLs: (any with an alien species) e.g.

Description of problem:
The Alien symbol in (1) the top species name and (2) community ID vanishes if you add an Id or comment.

Observations that display correctly: If you add an ID or comment, then on the screen refresh the alien symbol vanishes.

Not a vital error, but very annoying because I usually forget to check the alien status until after I have posted my ID, and then I get confused as to why it is not listed as an alien.

Been bothering me for quite a while now.

If you refresh the page then it reappears.

e.g. (url above) note purple "i"s

add comment - purple "i"s missing

The “i” reappears (picture 1) if I refesh or reload the page, so it is just the page reload after the comment is made that is faulty.

((perhaps related: sometimes a comment is displayed twice after the page upload, which has resulted in me deleting the comment, and then both disappear. However, this only happens occasionally and I cannot reliably replicate it))

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I have noticed this happening too. Website, Brave on Ubuntu Studio.

Same happened to me with the star repesenting endemic the other day. Didn’t think anything of it until I saw this. The star is back after a refresh.

Chrome, Windows 10.

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Since it resolves on refreshing - is it not still our slow internet? Undersea cable broken. Again.

I can replicate, I’ve filed a bug report here:

This seems to have been fixed.