Is anyone else bugged when someone broadens an ID to a vaguer level with no explanation?

People on here keep explaining why they feel that they can’t give explanations every time, but I don’t think anyone on here has explained why they won’t ask for an explanation. Could you enlighten us on that?


What do you mean by that word?


You really call ppl peacocks and say something is rude in one paragraph?
Do you really think ppl who did 100k+ ids aren’t spending long time on ids? That alone doesn’t mean they owe any explanation under their ids unless observer asks them.


Are you trolling? You have postulated the same opinion in three threads, and never engaged in dialog with the people presenting evidence that you are wrong. You consistently accuse the major identifiers of just trying to rack up numbers based on no evidence of that (seriously, you can’t spend two minutes reading profiles on the top identifiers?)

For this one, how is not providing a detailed explanation skirting peer review? My ID with my name attached is there, others who know the taxon (ie my peers) don’t need a one sentence ID. Why is it rude to not include an explanation? The observer isn’t required to include an explanation for their in some cases outlandish ID’s, so why should I?


I find the bumping back to kingdom or class level frustrating for several reasons: first, I live in the US megalopolis with many observers so when an obs goes to “plants” “birds” “vertebrates” etc., I see an orange wash over my local map. In several cases it seems like to reviewer could have gone to an order, genus or family level without a huge amount of effort. Finally, there are those reviewers who refuse to acknowledge that drawings are valid submissions and disagree with the comment of “human” for artifact. Communicating with this type of person seems fruitless in my opinion.

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I should. I definitely should. But sometimes I don’t. Why not?

Sometimes an explanation wouldn’t be quick.
Sometimes it’s that the leaf shape is wrong, but I can’t easily find words for it.
Sometimes I’m tired, physically tired, and I don’t want to do it.
Sometimes it seems so obviously wrong I can’t stand to explain.
Sometimes I feel like the observer won’t care anyway – many don’t seem to.
Sometimes I’ve explained so often I’m tired of it.

But I should explain, true. Sigh.


Yes! Yes! Do this! Or comment on songs or behavior that helps the identification!


Isn’t it ironic how easy they are to identify? Probably in less than an instant. :upside_down_face:

I’m closing this thread, it’s devolved into sniping and judgemental posts. For those of you who shared your perspective thoughtfully, thank you and I’m sorry. The idea here is to listen and learn and not jump on someone you disagree with.

If anyone thinks someone’s post was a troll comment, please don’t respond, and please don’t respond angrily - just flag it. Three flags on a post hides it until it’s reviewed. Don’t let it derail a conversation.