Is it bug or not? Place Greece instead of Macedonia

Hi, in my observation fron Macedonia on map i see two country names, see screenshot:

I think we need to streamline these two items.

I think it might be because the location privacy is obscured (because it is a NT species?), so there’s 2 locations: you see the true location in Macedonia, but the map lists another location.

The confusing part is why the map says Greece, which isn’t remotely near the bounding box for the obscured area.

I think it is because of the bounding box issue, but the bounding box does seem to include some area in Greece, at least as far as I read the map on my screen. The box also includes some area in Albania as well.

I would just guess it is a quirk due to the viewer being on the intersection of three countries. But the “Greece” here isn’t part of the location record of the observation, just a summary of what is on the map (hence the eye logo). The details correctly show that the record isn’t in Greece but Macedonia (though this also shows some of the limitations of the bounding box obscuring for records close to borders…)

in this case, i’m pretty sure that you see “Greece” because that’s the location description you have saved in your observation. you can set the location description to whatever you want. it’s just text that only you will see, since your observation is obscured. when i view the observation, i see a blank location description (not “Greece”).

on another note, i thought Macedonia had agreed to be called North Macedonia now…

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I think @cthawley is right. For sorry, i do not see the bounding box because I am the author of the observation. And it is really a quirk, because i have another observation of the same taxon, made nearby, this one:
and there the country is determined correctly. And yes, as @pisum said, the word “Greece” is in the location description field, and I can’t edit it in any way, it is put down automatically.
I was surprised at this effect, because I had never been to Greece)))!
Thanks for the help

Oops, you’re right.

FYI, @katya , here’s what we see, as opposed to what you see in your screencap: