Is it possible to block the research grade on observation?

is it possible to block the recherche grade on observation ?
I would like to publish my photos to illustrate new species on Inaturaliste, but the observations are already published on the GBIFF database and I i wouldn’t create a duplicate.


Welcome to the forum! You can manually mark observations as casual (ineligible for research grade) in the DQA, but this probably isn’t the right use of that. You could also not include date or location, or change your copyright settings so that observation data aren’t exported to GBIF.

What exactly are you hoping to accomplish? Are you just wanting to add taxon photos? A better way to do that would be to upload the photos to Wikimedia commons.


It’s really not a problem to create duplicates in GBIF. There are many discussions about this on the Forum and the much bigger problems are inaccurate data rather than duplicated data, as long as you make sure the metadata (date, coordinates, etc) are the same. As Thomas said, if you just want to use your photo as a taxon photo, add it to Wikimedia Commons and you can select it from there.


See and for some info on how related records / duplicates are already “clustered” on GBIF (example:


If there’s another database you don’t want to duplicate (in the UK they ask you not to put it on here if it’s already on iRecord) then you could just leave the date off - can’t hit RG, images stay on here as references.

Wikimedia Commons then importing from there might be the better option unless you want one of the CC-NC licences on it.

iNaturalist observations not only need Research Grade, but they also need to be licensed properly to be pushed over to GBIF. even if your observation reaches Research Grade, if it is not licensed, or if it doens’t have a iicense compatible with GBIF, then it won’t be pushed over to GBIF.


You can add photos to iNaturalist species pages without making an observation. I’ve done that for a few taxa where I have high quality images of cultivated material. The picture is very useful, but the record (from a greenhouse) wouldn’t have any value.

eg, the second ‘species’ photo of Carex bushii is one of these:

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Just highlighting that the stated need is “how to avoid duplicate GBIF entries”.

Blocking the promotion to Research Grade in iNaturalist is one possibility.
In my opinion it is not a good solution as Research Grade is a condition for the iNaturalist machine learning algorithm to take into account the observation as far as I know.

I wouldn’t degrade iNaturalist quality (in the broad sense) to solve a GBIF problem.

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That’s no longer the case. See