Is there already an iNat projects the round birds or do I need to start one?

I really like round birds or “borbs” as they are also known. I would like to know if there is already a project for collecting photos of round birds or if I need to start one myself.


yep there is!


Not a single borb in Africa :rofl:

I don’t think I have a really good mental image of what a “borb” is. Is it truly a bird species which has a profile more closely approximating a circle/sphere? Or is it just a bird with its plumage fluffed out in cold weather? Some/many of the observations added to that linked project seem to have no resemblance to anything borb-like.

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In my opinion both of your ideas count as borbs.

That’s weird. I tried looking for borb projects and couldn’t find any

I don’t recall borbs being discussed in my ornithology class.


Agreed, many appear to be sub-borbital.


I didn’t know they had a name. Thank you for educating me. Next time I see a borb, I know what to call it. :smile:

I suppose “boblatespheroirb” wasn’t suitably euphonious.


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