Is there any way to search for broken photo links?

I’m not sure what happen a few months ago to break all of the Flickr photos on the taxon pages, but I’ve been trying to replace the broken ones that I run across. Is there any way to search for them?

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While I can’t help with your question, I believe the issue that you encountered came from Flickr changing their site rules. Over the winter they instituted an update where free users now have less upload space to use and anything over the new limit was deleted within the past month or two, oldest first.

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mine haven’t been deleted yet, though all the popups and garbage from the flickr site make it almost unusable

That makes sense. I thought maybe they changed their url structure so the links were just broken.

To answer your other question, I do not believe there is any non-admin tool (and I dont even know if they have one) to specifically search them out.

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