Issue with observation streaks on iNatUK Year in Review

The UK Stats page for 2021 shown at shows the largest ‘Streak’ of Observations being from DavidHuerta at 85 dyas. However, my own Stats for 2021 at show I have a ‘Streak’ of 159 days.

Can anyone provide a reason as to why this would be the case and why I am not shown on teh UK Stats at all ??

Many thanks for any help anyone can provide.



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I notice the same. My own longest streak according to my stats is just 26 days, but that should still get me onto the bottom of the UK stats table as it stands (lowest is 24) but I am not there. I guess if it was correct and the omissions affect a lot of people I would be nowhere near the table!

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Same problem with US daily streak list…mine is over 800 days and not listed

Makes one wonder what else is wrong with the data…

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Maybe an issue with obscuring? If observations are obscured they can sometimes not be counted as being within place boundaries in projects and such.

But users can see on their own that they are in the boundaries.

Depending on how the calculation for streaks works, if someone had an obscured observation that keeps the streak “alive”, but it isn’t recorded publicly as being in that place due to obscuration, it might not register the streak on the public pages for Year in Review.

Year In Review has nothing to do with place boundaries, so I don’t see how obscuration could affect it.

for specific nodes like iNatUK in this case, the boundaries may matter. (specifically, if observations were recorded outside the UK, then then they probably would be excluded from the UK streak. however, any observations whose obscured locations fall outside the UK boundaries but whose true locations still fall within the UK boundaries should still count since the UK is a “standard” place.)

however, it looks like steve_mcwilliam and matthewvosper’s observations all fell within the UK, and scubabruin is looking for a streak on the global stats page. so boundaries probably aren’t the issue in these cases.

that said, based on the link provided in the original post:

… it doesn’t look like the stats have been updated. so someone may need to update them for iNatUK.

i originally thought maybe the stats were not updated for the UK recently, but looking at all the stats on the page, it does look like the streaks are probably just generated improperly in this case.


I have no ‘obscured’ observations at all in my data set

The explainer text for streaks says (emphasis mine):

Here we’re showing the longest streaks that began this year or were in progress when these stats were generated (for individual users we’re also including streaks that ended this year).

@steve_mcwilliam’s streak began in 2020 and ended in June 2021 so I don’t believe it meets the criteria for appearing on the iNatUK YIR page.

Main site stats were generated on December 7th, network site stats were generated on December 8th. I suspect that you didn’t post your observations that were observed on December 5th or 6th until after we generated the stats on December 7th. Thus, you wouldn’t have met the “were in progress when these stats were generated” criterion. We’re going to try regenerating site stats a few more times, so if you keep on posting observations the day they were made, I think you’ll appear on the main site’s chart the next time it’s generated.


But, even if we discount a run-over streak and thereby do not count the part of a streak made in the previous year (i.e. 2020) - I would still have a streak of over 149 days starting on the 1st January 2021 and running into early June. Or, are you saying that because it started in December that the streak element in 2021 is ignored ??


It also doesn’t explain the omission of my 26 day streak, which is wholly contained within 2021.

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Yes, it didn’t start in 2021 and it’s not still in progress.

Yeah, that’s definitely weird. Could be a bug or glitch. We’ll take a look.

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I still don’t understand why the UK Stats differ from my personal stats. My personal stats show a streak of 157 days beginning on January 1st and ending in early June, whereas, the UK stats show me with a streak of 82 days beginning on the 1st January and ending in late March !! This seems odd, in fact incorrect, to me. Any explanation as to why they differ ???

UK Stats:

My Personal Stats:

@tiwane - So, are you saying that if I had a continuous streak from the 20th December 2020 right through to the 10th Jan 2022 then I would NOT have a streak showing at all in the 2021 stats ??? Surely that would be ludicrous ??

Is yor streak from verifiable observations only or captive too? If latter, personal list shows them as streak, but general one doesn’t.