Issue with using iNat in multiple tabs — loading wrong page on "save"


Unexpected result:

  • Open two tabs in iNat; one tab is a flag (Tab 1) and any different page on iNat like an observation or taxon page (Tab 2)
  • Resolve the flag in Tab 1
  • Tab 1 will now load the page from Tab 2 with a banner at the top that says “Flag saved”

Expected result: Tab 1 shows the resolved flag page.

It’s been this way for a long time. If it’s the intended result, curious why anyone would want it this way, and a kind request to just reload the Tab 1 page instead. :)

Windows 10 / Chrome 73.0



I have definitely noticed the same thing on Window 7 / FireFox 66.0.3. Next time I see it in a specific workflow, I’ll document the preceding steps.