Issue with using iNat in multiple tabs — loading wrong page on "save"

Unexpected result:

  • Open two tabs in iNat; one tab is a flag (Tab 1) and any different page on iNat like an observation or taxon page (Tab 2)
  • Resolve the flag in Tab 1
  • Tab 1 will now load the page from Tab 2 with a banner at the top that says “Flag saved”

Expected result: Tab 1 shows the resolved flag page.

It’s been this way for a long time. If it’s the intended result, curious why anyone would want it this way, and a kind request to just reload the Tab 1 page instead. :)

Windows 10 / Chrome 73.0


I have definitely noticed the same thing on Window 7 / FireFox 66.0.3. Next time I see it in a specific workflow, I’ll document the preceding steps.

@kueda is there any way to prevent this from happening? It’s frustrating when I resolve a flag and want to follow up with a comment, but then when the page reloads after saving the flag, it’s now displaying something completely unrelated (from another iNat tab I have open).

Still happening for me too, and I’ve been remiss on my promise to document it :/ For me it seems to happen with Curator-only windows, like when editing flags, TFRs, taxon pages, etc. Haven’t noticed it when only general-access tabs are open.

Long answer: Generally when you perform some action that alters the state of iNat, we return you to the last page you were on unless we are absolutely sure you always want to be on a certain page after that action, and that’s based on the assumption that submitting data to a particular place doesn’t always mean you want to return to a single place. In this case, resolving a flag is something you can do from the flag detail page or from (and maybe elsewhere). On the flag detail page you always want to return to the flag detail page, but on taxa/curation you want to return to taxa/curation, so… we return you to the last page you were on, which works in both scenarios… unless you’re the kind of person who has to open more iNat pages in more windows in the same session, thus making it unclear to us on the server side where you really want to return to after submitting an action.

Short answer: I made it work the way you want, I think.

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Suspended this user from top of this page.

In response the same browser tab then loaded this page (25M observation announcement). That page was not active in any other tabs at the time, although I had visited it recently (in a different tab) during the same browsing session.

Windows 7 with FireFox current release.

@kueda, another unexpected result is when editing my account settings. I would expect it would take me to either:

but it will currently instead load an unrelated iNat page I happen to have open in a different tab.

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Same issue when:

  • committing a taxon change
  • flagging a user as a non-spammer
  • subscribing to a flag
  • changing the site language in the bottom right corner