Link to "Following" tab in email notifications

I subscribe to email notifications for taxonomy changes and people whom I follow. Here is an example of what I see when I open the email:

What’s missing here?
I can click on the username and go to the person’s profile.
I can click on either of the observations and go to tht observation.
I can click on “View your dashboard” and go to the “All updates” tab on my dashboard.

What’s missing is something to click on to go directly to the “Following” tab on my dashboard, which is the whole point of subscribing to these notifications in the first place.

I changed the topic title from “an idea to improve email notifications” to the feature being requested - feel free to revise it if that doesn’t quite match what you are looking for.

Personally I almost never look at the Following tab, it was the direct link to the observations instead that was most useful (when I had email notifications turned on).


It could be if it went to all the observations in the email. But no, it only goes to one, so I have to click each one separately. By going to my “Following” tab, I can then click “identify” on that notification and get an “Identify” tab with all the observations in that notification, and no others.

In other words, yes, the changed title matches what I am looking for.

Would you rather have the direct links to Identify the subsets of observations in the email? or prefer the Followers tab workflow?

Either way. Mainly, I want to be able to review and identify those specific observations as a batch or set.