List of specific order insect identifiers?

I figured that tagging people would help my goal rather than waiting for someone to come by. On that note is there a list of good identifiers per order or family of insect species? so i can know who to ping if i come across a species i do not know. I do not need Fomicidae since i have like 2 ant people who kinda just follow me and identify the species (they are AMAZING btw).

You might want to read the comments in this current topic for some tips to avoid pitfalls:
The forum commenters point out that someone who has a lot of IDs of an insect order may not be at all expert at identifying species in your area – they may just be sorting to order level so someone else with more specific expertise can take a look. At least check to see that an identifier has done some IDs in your region before you tag them.


Yea i make sure to do that for everyone who thinks they know the species just because i’m careful like that lol. And thanks

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You can use the leaderboard, then narrow it down to your area.
(But - only tag for interesting obs?)

It is also worth waiting a few days, someone may be checking insects in your area already.


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