Living plantmaterial for a paper about Vitaceae in cultivation/Lebend Pflanzenmaterialien für ein Paper von Vitaceae in Kultur

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I will/ want to write a paper about the Vitaceae who are in cultivation.
I live in a region with a lot vineyards and a long historic when it comes to the Viniculture and Viticulture in Germany. I’m more interested in the tropical species who are also in cultivation. Sadly some of the species I looking for are hard to find and Vitaceae are not in the interest of the most botanical gardens.
May someone can help me - I looking for seeds(international) or cuttings(only from europe). It would be great when the species are from the old world and is in cultivation like Cissus dinklagei as an example.
The genera from the old world tropics I looking for are Ampelocissus, Cissus, Cyphostemma, Rhoicissus and Tetrastigma. The only species from the neo tropics is Vitis tiliifolia.
I will publish this paper in a magazine for horticulturism, I also hope I can use it later as an qualifikation.
I will pay for the seeds and plantmaterial.

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