Make identifications searchable


When I go to my profile, there is a link to my identifications, which I appreciate. It would be helpful if these identifications were searchable, like my own observations are searchable. Sometimes someone with more expertise in a particular species corrects an identification of mine. I then like to correct other identifications that I’ve made of that same species, but to do so, I have to go page-by-page (currently at 441 pages, with 12,544 identifications) in the list of my identifications. So please make a user’s identifications list searchable.



There are some ways to search identifications through this URL:

For example, your IDs of mosses:

But yes, some clickable filters and search fields would be much more user friendly.



That’s great! How did you do it? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

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Right now you have to manually modify the URL. There are some tips you can follow here:

(Not all of the same search query options will work for identifications as are listed for observations though.)



Thanks, that’s helpful. I still think a search box for identifications would be great, though.



Besides the search paramters listed on the right-hand side of that Identifications page, there are a bunch more available and listed in the iNaturalist API here (scroll down the page at that link).

But if I can amplify your request, yes, I think what is really needed here is Filter interface that supports a lot of these search parameters, so we don’t have to build our own URLs. For those of us who do a lot of identification, this would be super helpful!



I just had this come up yesterday, after I realized some of the dandelions I had id’d as common could be an alternate species in my range. To go back through, my lower tech way: I went to the identify page as normal, but specified Taraxacum and then used “Reviewed” flag. Since it sets all the ones you’ve id’ed to reviewed status, they’re typically all in there.

I use “reviewed” relatively sparingly though, so it was efficient that way. For someone who uses the reviewed function more broadly as a way just to get a lot records “out of the way” though, this method may not be so useful.

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Some other things I’d like to be able to do in a redesigned identifications search page:

  • View map of the identifications searched (since the ID may differ from the current observation ID; cc: @arachnojoe)
  • Use current_taxon=false to find IDs that don’t match the observation ID
  • Find IDs that have comments attached
  • See the comments on the search results page (don’t require opening in a new tab)
  • Sort by computer vision selection, result of a taxon change, or manual
  • Export the IDs