Make the iNaturalist Mobile App's Photo Uploader more like Wikiuploader

I prefer the WikiPedia workflow for uploading photos:
Step0 Open the Photo Browser, Gallery

Step1…Select the photos to upload, press next
Step2. Add info in some fields, others can be done in the website later
Step 3. Upload the files to iNaturalist
Step 4. Gray out, Green circle around the photos
The workflow like has
and it also prevents double uploading.

(I edited the title to reflect the request and make it specific)

A pity Tony does not refer to the new GUI of the new iNaturalist app. I thought that these options where discussed in the proposal (=New Gui document).

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How is this different from sharing photos from the Photo Gallery app into the iNaturalist app in the way we can already do it?

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Agreed, uploading obs. one by one is really time consuming.

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Sharing seems possible in the Android app, but not in the iOS app. But that does not prevent duplicate uploading. a work around could be favourites…but for me it is not advatageous enough…
I used to delete the pics in the gallary to prevent scrolling, it is a bit risky…so one favourite pics should be saved before.
Does sharing work with sound…sound is often too much work

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What are you referring to?

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And it includes a check in double uploading, in WikiUploader that is not possible, but it could be a duplicatie or a reference to the original upload.

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I dunno, dementia, maybe this document: ‘’ Bulk uploader from the gallery’’