Making open science work for science and society based on open-access data and journals

Open data access from volunteers around the world for paywalled papers and/or subscription journals and related: What do you think about it?; Earn money with the effort, time and resources contributed by volunteers through non-profit activities: Is it ethical?

I am not very happy with the fact that people have to pay for researches and knowledge based on open access data. Free information should be used for open-access journals: keep this in mind if you plan to use open access data and for subscription journals and related. Do you part!

Learn more about Panton Principles which state that “for science to effectively function, and for society to reap the full benefits from scientific endeavours, it is crucial that science data be made open.”

I agree that paywalled research articles can be an issue. However, the Panton Principles are really focused on the data themselves. If a paper uses open data, including those from citizen scientists (eg iNat data on GBIF), then by definition the underlying data is already open, so the publications are a bit of a separate issue from open data per se.

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It looks like the Panton Principles you link note

If you want your data to be effectively used and added to by others it should be open as defined by the Open Knowledge/Data Definition – in particular non-commercial and other restrictive clauses should not be used.

This would permit even more restrictive uses than just publishing behind a paywall, and seem to be more focused on data rather than other research objects.

While I’m all for open science, and all data I’ve published on I’ve made publically available as CC0 or CC-BY, I personally have published articles not open access before because it can be extremely expensive as a researcher to publish open access and not all funding sources provide additional funding for open access publishing. In those cases, I put submitted versions on my site and invite people to contact me for the published version, but sometimes publishing OA is just cost-prohibitive.


I am a bit confused about this - are you referring to paywalled papers that have used open source data, or something else. BTW, I hate paywalls.

What is expensive ? As far as I know much more reports in Europe are published with open access, may be not the real research papers but related papers/presentions often can be found open.

Publishers often charge the authors $1000-3000 to make a research article open access… I wish I could make my papers open access but cannot afford to pay that!


I thought writers had to pay any way…but that seems not true ( i thought the price was 1500euro…so it is the same band width). If the writers pay…the abonnement is free, so you earn it in a different way…no abonnoment fees…necessary

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I’ve seen original papers from the late 1800’s that were still paywall protected! I was looking for the original description of a moth.

Yeah exactly this, either the authors pay for free access for the public or the public/institutions pay for access to the article.

On the low end I’ve seen ~$1,000 but it can be a lot more

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