Marsh harrier data / info

I’m looking for any type of data regarding marsh harriers biology and ecology. (scientific articles, videos, documentaries or just someone that has worked/studied them for a while). I need the data for a little thesis i have to produce to pass an exam.
I’ve already come across some info, but I feel like I’m missing out some great sources.

So if anyone has some data, websites or other sources to recommend, please comment down below.

Thanks for the help :smile:

I don’t know you so it’s possible that you already know very well and use this searching site but in case you haven’t the opportunity to use yet- I highly recommend Google Scholar where you not only can search for scientific articles but often you find links to pdfs with full version of a paper.


Yes I do already know Google scholar, but thanks for the help anyway! Have a great day
You can register for free, or if you have access you may be able to login through your local library.

Thanks, yes I can login with my university account

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