Messaging someone private to ask your nature related doubts

At the start, when I joined, I started messaging some of my favorite Inatians about nature-related questions, personally, Some of them replied and even given me a new perspective to think, but some didn’t reply, so I thought is it really good to message someone about nature-related topics or is it the new kind of harassment, if it is the harassment then I am very sorry

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I’d be happy to get messages about nature, and I wouldn’t take it as harassment! I guess having time to reply is another problem though, so some people may enjoy the chat, but they are not able to take time to reply


Definitely no harassment if you ask me, unless you message the same not-replying people repeatedly. Not replying is of course entirely legitimate, just live with that and enjoy the conversations with those who do reply.


Thanks a lot @richyfourtytwo and @amarzee for your opinion I was in guilt but a I think it’s unuseful to feel sad about the thing that is not wrong. Thanks again


No no,its not harassment
If anyone messages me about nature,I would be really very happy and enthusiastic to answer them.

There is nothing to be guilty about. Thats just called learning


There are many types of people in this world. There are also many reasons why people do not respond. They don’t value teaching, they are very busy, they have not noticed your request (perhaps one of many), or they just don’t care.
I like to teach and learn, so I respond. If by some weird chance I was to receive hundreds of emails about an id, I might also not respond. But I like teaching, so would respond.
I do guilt really well, but I can also get pissed off (passive - aggressive?). Part of me would want to bombard them with the same email, and part of me would look for someone else to contact!
I do not think that what you are describing is harassment. Merely, you are asking a question, and it is up to the recipient to respond.


You might also try asking some questions on observation or forum pages by using comments, especially if any are related to identification or if people are already talking about nature topics.


Thanks a lot @brian_d , @karthikeyaeco, @mamestraconfigurata, @richyfourtytwo and @amarzee for your advice , now I am feeling a lot better. and now I will be not afraid to ask questions personally, I will keep in mind to talk about nature only(because that’s what I am here for).


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