Misidentification of a threatened species still obscured for location

Just checking if this is the intended behaviour since I could see its benefit for obscuring locations of anything possibly a threatened taxon.

An ob marked with ‘Open’ geoprivacy was misidentified as a threatened taxon (takahē), obscuring its location. The ID has been corrected at Research Grade to a non-threatened taxon (pūkeko), but the location is still obscured. One identifier still has the ID as takahē, so not sure if that’s influencing it as well.


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Its intentional, to prevent someone gaining access to the location of an obscured record by simply adding an ID of an open taxon. Once an ID of an obscured species is entered, it stays obscured.

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Makes sense, thanks! If the original mis-ID is removed/ID changed, should it go to Open, or is it permanently tagged Obscured?

I believe, but am not a staff member with intimate knowledge of the code that the only way it could become open is to delete the identification. Even then I’m unsure.

I’m pretty sure that simply withdrawing or changing the ID wont do it, again likely as a security measure to stop people being duped into doing it by messages like ‘I’m a reasearcher on X, this isn’t x, please change it’ in order to access the location.


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