Missing accuracy display


I opened the geoprivacy for Trachypithecus geei in Kamrup Metropolitan district (see https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/question-about-un-obscuring-taxon-geoprivacy/2838/13). One of the two obs from Umananda Island looks great – it displays the accuracy (75 m) in the Identify Modal and has a nice accuracy circle (first image), but the other doesn’t display the circle or the accuracy value of ~30 km.


Link to the observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/594

I think that was an error, a holdover from when that taxon was auto-obscured. I “refreshed” the observation by voting and removing my vote for an item in the DQA and it now says accuracy “Not recorded”.

29.89 km is the same value for this test observation I made in the same area.

True accuracy displays for me while logged in:

Obscured “accuracy” displays to anyone else/while I’m logged out:


Ok, so I guess the bug is that opening an obscured observation doesn’t refresh the accuracy value if the accuracy was not recorded.

And it means if I’m going to be picky about it, I have to mark this observation as location not accurate because it wasn’t where the pin is and there’s no accuracy value set. :/

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