More Natural Order for Navigating-By-Tab-Key on Login Page (i.e. left-to-right on third line)

When logging onto iNaturalist through this page:

The order in which the “Tab” key moves me through the elements on the page, seems unnatural to me. Normally, the default tab order is to move left-to-right across a single line, and then move down to the next line. It is common for me to tab through forms and use only the keyboard to submit the forms.

When I try doing this on the form, my intuition is to type in my username, hit tab, then my password, then hit tab and hit “space” to check the “Remember me” box. But instead, when I hit tab from the “password” form, it takes me to the “Forgot your password” link to the right of the “Remember me” box.

This is a little tiny thing, insignificant in the big scale, but it results in a bad user experience. It is slightly abrasive to me, every time it happens, but most importantly, it seems like it would be trivially easy to fix.

I would love it if this could be updated to behave the way virtually all other websites behave!


I can replicate this in Chrome and Safari, but in Firefox 89 tabbing from Password goes to “Remember Me”.

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That’s weird. I just opened Firefox (89.0.1) and the behavior was the same as in Chrome, i.e. moving first to “Forgot your password” and only then backwards to “Remember me”.

Looking at the code of the page, the “Forgot your password” element occurs before the “Remember me” one so it is unintuitive that it would go to “Remember me” first in any browser.

It’s been implemented, working for me on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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Awesome, works beautifully!

Thank you all so much! I will enjoy this every time I log in, which hopefully will be for years to come!

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