Move log out button to bottom of settings page

I was surprised to see a Delete Your Account button where I expected to see a Log Out button.

Having different styling than the delete account button would probably be good too.

Twitter app example for what I think of as standard (on an “account” subpage of settings ) :

What’s interesting is that seems to only be in the Android app.
I checked Android and see the same thing, but not in the iOS version.

yeah, request was just for Android since I’m less familiar with UX standards on iOS.

Oh, me too. I rarely use my work iPhone (that I was given permission to install iNat on), but I wanted to see if the same delete my account settings were present but arranged differently (like how a new observation in Android is the + in a circle, but on iOS it’s a camera with the caption “observe”).

Turns out, it’s completely different. I don’t even see an option to delete your account from within the app in the iOS version.


There isn’t functionality to delete one’s account in the iOS app.

I’ll this to my weekly report.