My Place isn't listed in the dropdown for observation requirements

I’m not sure if this is a bug exactly but when I’m trying to edit the Observation Requirements for my project I’m unable to add many of the Places I’d like to. Most of the municipalities in San Diego County don’t seem to appear in the dropdown, not even the City of San Diego itself. Nor are Chula Vista, or National City, nor any of the neighborhoods I’d like to add like Barrio Logan or Logan Heights. Is there any way to add them?

Can you please share some URLs of the places you created?

I haven’t created any places yet! I guess that’s my question, how do I create places? :)

There are instructions here: Please double check to see if there are any existing places that meet your needs. New place creation is especially hard on our servers.

Got it. San Diego County is already in your system but I really need a couple specific municipalities within San Diego County that don’t seem to be in your system. Particularly Chula Vista

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