Need help understanding taxonomic change to Lithophragma bolanderi

This is an old observation of mine, that I identified as Lithophragma bolanderi:

One person agreed with my ID, but that person’s ID was affected by a taxon swap that resulted in an inactive taxon. The current taxon is Lithophragma bolanderi. Shouldn’t the inactive taxon be updated automatically to the current taxon?

I didn’t flag for curation because I don’t disagree with Lithophragma bolanderi. Is it a bug that the inactive taxon doesn’t automatically change?

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. First step would be to just tag the user and request they fix the ID. I think this is a bug.


I’m pretty sure kemper has opted out of having the system automatically update IDs after taxon changes.


So I think it’s intended behavior for the ID to stay there, but the taxon to be inactive.

I’m guessing when the species to subspecies swap happened (2018), kemper’s ID was auto-updated, but during the more recent subspecies to species swap (2020), it was not.

@paloma do you know why your original L. bolanderi ID didn’t get moved to the subspecies ID at the same time as kemper’s? Did you opt out of auto-updates maybe? Or delete the ID later?

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I haven’t looked at this observation for a long time. It’s very possible that I could have deleted an ID of mine that was of an inactive taxon. I don’t think I have ever been opted out of auto-updates, but it’s possible that I may have been briefly at some point.

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Thank you both. I think it makes perfect sense that this would happen if someone was opted-out of automatic updates after the inactive taxon was added. So apparently it’s not a bug, which was what I was concerned about.

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