New Life List Unobserved Species Inconsistent with Explore Page

I don’t know whether I’m doing something wrong, or whether there is something wrong with my life list, but I don’t get the results I think I should. In this example, per my life list, I have observed zero species of grasshopper in the Auburn State Recreation area and there is only one species observed by others that I have not seen. When I use Explore to see how many species have been observed there, five species are listed. So, it seems that the unobserved species of grasshoppers on my life list should be five instead of one. I’m using a MacBook Pro, macOSCatalina 10.15.7 and Safari 14.0.

Is anyone else having a similar experience?

I don’t know if this completely answers why these species are missing in your case, but I assume you saw some of those grasshoppers in other places.

The ‘unobserved species’ option is kinda misleading, as it only shows species you didn’t see at all (i.e. anywhere in the world) AND which have been observed by others at that particular location.


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