New/More Filter Options

I love separating my observations by taxonomy as it makes it easier and more interesting to see what I’ve found and cross-compare. I would also love to see some more options for the filters.

  1. I understand why this isn’t in place as it would get cluttered; but if it’s manageable, divide up the “Other Animals” filter. I myself have cnidarians, crustaceans, myriapods, and cartilaginous fish all labeled as “Animalia,” when I believe they deserve their due time. Would it be feasible to possibly combine bony and cartilaginous fish, or mollusks and crustaceans together into singular respective filters? Or something like that?

  2. An option for the little blazes that appear next to observations’ species names (Endemic, Introduced, Endangered+All its subcategories). It’s a pleasant surprise to find that an organism I identified registers one of these attributes, but it would be much more convenient to find and group them all with a click of a few buttons.

(It should be noted that I mostly use iNaturalist for mobile so if one of these features exists on desktop I apologize)

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