New user iNaturalist account on iPhone: can that same acct be used for the website also?

If a person creates his/her first account on an iPhone iNaturalist app, can that account information be used at the website?


Welcome to the Forum! Yes, or at least that’s how I got started, on the iPhone app. When I discovered the website app, I do not recall any problems logging in with the same ID as the iOS app. The website app is much more full-featured than the current iOS app, so it is fun to discover the extra features.


One account can be used for both app types and website.


Yes, you can and should use the same account/login to access iNaturalist from any of the apps or website.


I don’t have much more to add, other than I signed up through and have to sign in again (using the same account) to access It’s not a major problem but can be a tad bit annoying!

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yeah, was interested in this question as well...

App is just another way of dealing with the same things and same database, so everything account has is shown on the app and vice versa.

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