Newbie -- don't get any notifications?

My email address is correct and I think I have notifications turned on (see screen shot) but I don’t get anything in my email? I mainly use the iOS app.

Welcome to the Forum! I have no specific answers, but it was (still is?) policy to restrict new users in some way until they made x number of verified ID’s. I can’t remember what it was. Perhaps that is what is going on, but someone more familiar with all this stuff. Your post should probably be moved to ‘Bugs’ but I do not know how to do that!

I just sent you a direct message as a test, and it appears to have gone through our email sender. Let me know if that hasn’t come through. If you don’t receive a daily update tomorrow about recent comments and IDs, please leave a comment and we can investigate further. Thanks!


I received the email and replied to it. Will check for the daily update tomorrow.

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I also don’t receive email notifications.

I just received my first daily summary. don’t know what changed, but thanks!


Looks like at some point in the past you had unsubscribed from emails by clicking on a link in the email (those are currently managed separately from the settings you can access from your account). I removed your email address from that list, so now you should start receiving the updates again. Thanks for letting us know!


Indeed, I might have done that in the past.
It still doesn’t work though.

Nvm, it seems to be working now.

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