Not genus level but species group

Hello, I wonder what is the best way to “identify” a species group rather than a genus in iNaturalist ?

Say a genus contains species A, B and C, and the picture is consistent with A or B but not C. If one provides only the genus level Id, then C remains a possibility ; some information is lost and A or B will not appear in maps etc.

Is it conceivable that instead of having two or more identifiers all providing the genus level Id, one of them provides Id of A, and another the Id of B ? In this case, I suppose that the picture will appear in maps for A or B.

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Yet the identifiers need to agree to arrange this trick.

I don’t think it will. It will appear on maps for the genus but neither maps of species A nor species B.

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Then the “species group” issue cannot be addressed. Is it hopeless ?

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Or perhaps a solution is to duplicate the observation with say species B and leave species A in the first observation ? They will end having the “need Id” label and possibly a comment.
If you have other solutions, please let me know.
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It sounds like you’re suggesting that there should be subgenera and/ or species complexes. For some recognized species complexes and subgenera, we do provide that level of taxonomic fineness. But it can be hard to find global sources that consistently get down to that level of detail.

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I am not sure that formal nomenclature is required. Notably when there are only 3 species, that seems unnecessary. In general my point is that it would be helpful to provide two possible species Id’s for an observation where the picture is not informative enough to discriminate between them, yet a third or multiple other species can be excluded.

Indeed there are many “pairs” of such closely related species, notably difficult id they coexist, sometimes mutually exclusive (and their subspecies status is sometimes controversial), and in the latter it may be difficult to distinguish them near the boundaries of their distribution.

Please note that theses species pairs or groups can be identified at the species level in some pictures but not in others.

… these species pairs or groups can be identified at the species level in some pictures but not in others, yet in all the pictures alternative species can be excluded !

What’s your exact aim? To add more info to maps or something else?
You can add genus level id and make a comment about 2 species and how to separate them, so ppl would make needed photos in the future.

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Species pair S. meridionalis/metallica
Every Id is the genus level, but multiple other species are excluded.

If there’s nosubgenus or other taxonomic group I’m afraid it won’t be added and Somatochlora is not the hardest genera to id to create a new separate thing for it, with similar examples ppl try to create species groups, but they need to have a certain base.

There is a current feature request to add species group as a category in the iNaturalist taxonomic hierarchy. I’m going to close this thread and encourage everyone to weigh in there, if you haven’t already:

There has also been plenty of past discussion (some still open) about species groups and species complexes. To get an idea of what has already been discussed, see"species%20groups"