Observation not included in project

I am looking for an explanation why this specific observation:
is not included in this project:

As far as I see there is no obvious explanation why it is not included, the person is member of the project (and other of his observations are included), the observation is made at the right time and place.

Only thing is that is limiting the project is that establishment means is set to “native” (I am trying to get the admin to change this), it seem as if he is using this instead of excluding “casual” observations.

Am I missing something?

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Looks like you just changed the establishment means. I’m seeing it as included in the project:



Yes now it is!
I did change it, I guess the effects took some time, till just after I wrote this post …
I was on the right track but impatience. :roll_eyes:

However, how come many other species are included, I doubt that many species have the establishment means set to “native” for Luxembourg.
ex.: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/45862017

In which lists does iNat exactly look for this status?
Maybe these species are set to native in some other lists of higher order (europe?)


If it’s set to native to Europe or any other larger place, it’ll appear as native to Luxembourg (unless set as introduced in Luxembourg). I think iNat looks at the establishment means for any place it falls in, whether that’s one of the “Standard” places (continents, countries, states, districts) or community-curated places.


great thanks, I do understand the logic now


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