Observations "hiding" in other observations; Share your examples!

Here’s one of an . . . unnatural kind. Maybe somebody will appreciate it.

I was was out in the countryside focusing on an osprey diving into a river. It caught a fish so big, it couldn’t fly away with it. After struggling for about 5 full minutes, it gave up and flew away.

Only later when editing the photos I noticed a Lamborghini had zoomed past in the background.


Osprey and big fish I’ve seen.
But a Lamborghini?
I think I’m motorhead enough to actually put that in “lifer of the week”!


It’s not ‘‘another observation’’ but that is a nice Lamborghini hehehe.

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Cardamine species can be annoyingly hard to tell apart. I’m trying to learn to tell C. occulta, C. hirsuta, and C. pennsylvanica apart.

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I just realized there were twisted-wing insects parasitizing this dark paper wasp I saw last year. I went back and found some surprisingly (and completely accidentally) good shots of the wasp’s abdomen; I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me at the time to try to figure out why the abdomen was so distorted.


Oh, and forgot to tell you, they are damselflies, not dragonflies hehe.

Nice pictures. And that snail is adorable.

I’m not sure why I wrote dragonfly. I got it right on my second post though. I’ve got it recorded as Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Large Red Damselfly) but it’s still on my list to make into an observation.

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:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

I went on a short walk in the park today and found what I think is a wild geranium. I grabbed a photo of it, but the sun was so bright that it was difficult to see my phone screen as I took it, so I hardly noticed that there was a tiny beetle hiding on it!


Today I’m editing photos from last year and I just found this little damselfly next to the water moccasin I was photographing

Northern Cottonmouth / Water Moccasin
Fragile Forktail (damselfly)


What’s funny is that the damselfly is more in focus than the snake!