Observations in my obs, but not on explore or taxon pages

Platform: website

Browser: Firefox

URLs: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/bbk-htx?utf8=✓&q=&search_on=&quality_grade=any&reviewed=&geoprivacy=&identifications=any&captive=&place_id=&swlat=&swlng=&nelat=&nelng=&taxon_name=Bald+Eagle&taxon_id=5305&day=&month=&year=&order_by=observations.id&order=desc&rank=&hrank=&lrank=&taxon_ids[]=&d1=&d2=&created_on=&site=&tdate=&list_id=&filters_open=true&view=map

Description of problem:
I have 2 research grade obs of Bald Eagle.

I assumed that they would automatically be set to “obscured”. If this is not the case, please let me know how to set individual obs to “obscure”.

The observations are:

Step 1: In the explore window a search for bald eagle in Harris County these obs do not show up.

observations/17213427 should show up here:

observations/25896915 should show up here:

Step 2: Likewise, a search from the taxon page does not show them either.

Step 3: Thanks for all you do.

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Your bounding box is likely too small. I zoomed out a little more, clicked “redo search in map” to reset the bounding box to a larger size, and then yours along with a lot of other observations show up.

I searched in the county itself (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=2701&taxon_id=5305&user_id=bbk-htx) and they show up. Obscured observations are publicly indexed at the accurate county, state, and country levels (and their equivalents outside of the U.S.) so doing a search in the actual county place will include them.


Oh! Is this even when the “obscuration square” is partially outside the bounds of the county etc, or is it ust that counties etc are large enough to include most “obscuration squares”?

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The first one – there is an exception to the rule for Standard Places.

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Yeah, we show which county, state, and country an observation’s coordinates are in, even if it’s obscured.