Observations that have been repeatedly removed from a traditional project keep getting put back in

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Step 1: We have a traditional project, and I am a curator of said project. Periodically, I manually remove observations that are unsuitable for various reasons. I do this by clicking on the “gear” symbol beside our project on the right side of the observation page, and select “Remove from project”.

Step 2: In the past, this action seemed to be permanent, but now, it is reversed overnight. At first, I thought this might have been a single observer adding their observations back into the project, but I tested it on the observations of several observers, and they all got put back into our project. This makes it difficult for us to curate our project.

which project? And do you have example observations

The project is the Ontario Butterfly Atlas:

Here is an example observation I have removed from the project several times over the past few days:

Each time I did so, it reappeared in the project the following morning.

Here is an example I just removed from the project this morning (as a test to see if this is affecting older observations as well as the more recent ones):

The Ontario Butterfly Atlas is a traditional project using the deprecated aggregator. As a result, each day it’s looking for observations and adding them to the project. As long as those observations continue to meet the project criteria, they’ll be added again. As far as I know, nothing has changed about the aggregator in at least several months.

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Ok, thanks for that information. I guess it’s possible that I had previously missed the observations being added back in, but it seems like an odd implementation. If it has always worked this way, then the “Remove from project” option was rather misleading. I guess I’ll have to figure out some other option.