On the distribution map, why is this square dark red?

I thought the dark shade would be used for causal observations.
This observation, however, has RG. The only difference I noticed between the neighboring observation in bright red is that this user has a restrictive licence, so that his data are not shared with GBIF. Could this be the reason?

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I believe that the colour darkness/intensity is meant to be proportional to the number of observations. If you zoom in you may find there are additional observations in the darker spot.
What is the URL / webpage you are looking at, exactly?

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It is not the observation number - in Ukraine, these are the only two observations of that taxon.


thanks. I don’t know what would cause it, then. maybe someone knows. maybe it’s a bug.

Problem solved. There are two observations in the same backyard, one without a photo.
The casual observation doesn’t count for the observation number in the country…


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