On the identification screen, create a shortcut key to play the first sound file for the observation

Platform(s): website


Description of need:
Keyboard shortcuts are used for many routine identification tasks, and make it much easier to perform ID’s (especially when doing many). In every ID session, I use zoom, next/previous photo, prev/next observation, agree, and identify keyboard shortcuts. In the past, I have found myself passing over sound-only observations due to there being no way to play the sound without leaving the keyboard. If there was a shortcut key, I would have been more likely to at least listen. With spring frog season coming up, I suspect there will be many sound-only observations, in addition to the year-round bird calls.

Feature request details:
Use a keyboard shortcut to play the first sound media associated with the observation. Perhaps ALT/CMD + P.

Also consider making ALT/CMD + & ALT/CMD + Prev/Next Media instead of just Prev/Next Photo. (This part probably requires more thought than I have given it)

Made an issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/3419

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Love this idea - just ran into the same issue with sound observations and came searching to see if anyone had made a feature request! My only addition is that the “z” shortcut for zooming to image could be use to play the first sound in sound only observations. Doesn’t require a new shortcut, and I’m often hovering over the z during ID work anyways.

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“Z” would be very natural for me as well.