Photo competition winner

Congratulations to the winner - alexis_orion
with - forest of slime molds

Second place caleidoskopable with - Against the Current

third place Ajott with - Toad-chic


These are so cool! So many talented photographers out there!


Congrats! really fantastic photos from everyone, here and in the main submission thread. Loved seeing every one of them. Looking forward to the next one.

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Congratulations! That was a great competition,so difficult to choose!

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Woah cool, I was not expecting to win this! There were lots of other amazing photos, so thanks so much to everyone who chose mine!!


I did… it´s an amazing shot!

Happy, that my toad made it to the top 3 as well, thanks so much!

This shot ist very close and dear to my heart actually. Bufo bufo was one of my earliest childhood loves … only outdated by mosquitoes and my mother never was sure if she was all to happy about that change in interest. In never missed a mating season of them until I left Germany and actually one of the few things I feel sorry about not living there anymore is missing this season. :(
This shot was taken on the very last day of my last Bufo bufo mating season. Only few toads were still there and leaving the lake situated in a dense beech forest. The would need to fight their way through the dead leafs from last autumn and were often covered in all kinds of forestry debris… but this very well dressed sir topped them all. I remember how hard I had to laugh at him, while rolling around on the forest floor to get a good shot :-)


The toad & the slime molds were my faves.


Your toad is so cute.


Oh wow, thank you everyone who chose mine! It was a tough competition, all great pictures uploaded, and it took some time to choose my three votes! :-) Happy to share the wonder world of seaslug (check the iNat project Seaslugs of the World)… and the fact that the image is taken in water of Singapore, a metropolis island city-state!


This was a great sampler of the beauty of nature and how many talented and observant people are sharing on inaturalist.

I am inspired to go out and continue observing all creatures great and small.


Interestingly, the first place winner is also the only photo from the contest that made it into my Favorites list.


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