Places checklists' load on servers

Last year i added a certain number of places onto iNat using shapefiles. They were mostly relatively small places for protected areas in my country, but also a few larger places with a high number of observations. It was mostly about me having fun with practicing Qgis and adding potentially useful boundaries (i actually use some of them to follow observations, and some have been used for collection projects).
I didn’t know that new places put a considerable load on iNat servers, especially -i remember reading- the checklists, which i naively activated on practically all of them.

My question is, would deactivating the checklist on these places be, in its little, beneficial to iNat’s servers? The checklist is not really needed for most of them, if they actively put an unnecessary load on the site i would happily deactivate it… if they don’t anymore at this point though, one could think, might as well keep it now that it’s already there. What is the case?

Also, i can trace all the place i created by now because i have the list of protected areas i used as a source, but i wonder if there is a way to search for the places one created directly.

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I have long wished for this, so I could tidy up, find disused places that for some reason could not be found by searching and were remade, or names that due to a bug became unusable and unfound, etc .

However, this is off topic with regard to checklists load I think, as I dont think I have ever requested checklists, and have rarely if ever looked at or used them. But I could check, there may be a default creating them.
EDIT the default seems to be no checklist creation, so that’s good, I havent created any.

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I think the server load would be related to each time a Place is created or boundary modified the server needs to iterate through EVERY observation record (nearly 60M now) and check if its accuracy boundary is wholly within the Place. If it could do 1000 of these per second it would take 16 hours to go through the lot!

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