Places returned multiple times in search

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Done on Chrome, but doubt it matters

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Search for Canada as an example, it is returned multiple times in the result set, confirmed by opening each returned link and looking at the json they are the same item

Canada listed in middle of page 4

Returned again on page 5

Also note on page 5 Southeast Kootenay listed twice, which appear to be different places, but it is also duplicated on page 4

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I’m not able to replicate “Canada” being shown twice. I did see some repeats but they seemed to disappear as I paged back and forth through the results. In fact, the results on each page seem to change as I go back and forth. That happening to others?

I dont know if it is a function of something going silly with the repagination, but I just tried with a search for Canada again, and did not even get the nation listed. Tried twice with the same behaviour. Whether it was there and got lost when paging is impossible to tell.

Some of the apparent duplication, in cases where they are on the same page appear to be cases where places have been merged, but both get listed in the search. One is ‘normally’ named, the other has the long string of random alphanumeric stuff at the end (at least when you open the link, it is not visible in the search results text). I would have thought in a merge one was deleted or made inactive but is that the case?

i think the deal here is that the order in which results is shown is based on something (some sort of popularity / relevance?) that can change over time, or else the results are not specifically being returned as an ordered list. if you go through all 5 pages quickly and then use the back and forth buttons on your browser (which should should load cached versions of the pages preferentially), you’re less likely to to see duplication or missing results, i think. on the other hand, if you wait for some period of time between loading pages or navigate using the page’s own links to previous / successive pages, then you’ll see the results occasionally changing on a given page.

i don’t know that there’s necessarily a bug here if the sorting criteria just naturally change periodically, but if the list is not sorted at all, then it probably should be.

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I cant imagine it is popularity or relevance doing any sorting. ‘Canada’ is an exact match for the search string, and I have to assume the nation is searched and opened for far more often than the random parks etc that are returned before it. Possibly the GUID or equivalent being used which would account for the seemingly random order used.

But that doesn’t account for why it seems to randomly include and not include results.

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Added to my weekly report, but I’d recommend using header search and filtering by place, although results less compact in layout.