Plant identification please


Hi I live at Mt Cook and found this small seedling , I assume Coprosma, growing near the edge of the beech forest but I’m not sure what variety. Unfortunately I don’t have a close up lens here currently. Anyway I figured a bunch of you would know way more than me.
Cheers, Simon

More pics here

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What iNaturalist is for

You’ll need to upload your observation to iNaturalist as I don’t ID on forums, I usually do most flora ID’s in your area but sometimes I don’t ID for a few weeks at a time. If your urgently in need for an ID then you may wish to tag someone using the @name.
Also viewing the leader-boards may suggest people who have knowledge of the type of organisms.

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Just out of curiosity, how did you end up on the forum not the actual iNatrualist website?

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quoting the welcome message:
"this forum is a place for iNaturalist users to discuss iNaturalist-related topics, report bugs, ask for help, and submit feature requests. It is not a place to come for ID help - that’s what iNat is for!."


@aoraki-climber easy mistake! jump into and setup an account, then add an observation and upload the photo to it. It might take a day or so, or even longer, but we do have many plant experts that will be able to ID it for you. make your initial ID as Plantae, unless you know which family it belongs to etc to help get it to the right specialists a bit faster!

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