Posts which quote other user comments display as "edited" although weren't

Platform: Desktop version, Chrome browser. Process: Click on comment box to write comment. Highlight another user’s comment to choose “quote.” Finish the post. The post reads as being edited. Checking the past version, it reads identically.

First, the bug report category is not for forum bugs, it’s for iNat bugs that iNat developers could fix. If there is a bug with the forum software, the place to report it is

Second, this is not a bug, it’s an intentional design choice by the forum software developers. If you quote someone’s post in full, the software will edit your post to remove the quote, and it tells you that in the edit history:

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Okay. I did actually phrase this post as asking a question, not implying I knew the answer (I gave multiple possible causes). I wasn’t aware there was a second section to post forum bugs, I’ll take note. If you so choose to you could delete this post if it’s not needed/in wrong section.

Secondly just my opinion, I’d prefer that no non-edited posts display as edited. Quoting entire posts can be quite lengthy, and divert away from the part of a post one is replying to.