Prevent the missions list from rolling back to the begining

On my Android iNat app, I love the Missions feature, which shows species in my area that I have not yet observed. This is similar to the eBird target feature, but without much ability to sort or filter beyond broad taxonomic categories. I scroll (vertically or horizontally) through the mission species, and click on a species of interest. When I click the back button to go back to the list, the list resets to the beginning. So I might have to scroll right 15 times to get back to where I was previously. This hiccup results in me using the Missions feature less frequently, and results in me clicking on far fewer species than I would if the app remembered my place in line and returned me to that place after viewing a species. Thanks.

Seems like a much needed and (hopefully) easily implemented improvement! I’m at my vote limit, but +1 for what it’s worth.


Yes - drives me crazy!


In fact, the same problem occurs with lists created after searching for observations of a certain taxon in a certain region. It is very difficult to reach the end of the list, because it keeps scrolling up all the time.


I don’t think there is much enthusiasm on the iNat to upgrade Missions as it is now, we would probably want to rebuild it from the ground up. That being said, this seems like more of a bug fix than a new feature, so I can see if it’s something we can do.

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