Preview observations not appearing

Recently I have found that the preview observations for some taxa do not appear in the browsable observations. An example would be:

There are clearly many close up pictures of goats here, but when selecting ‘view more’ to browse photos none of them are shown. Only the skins and skulls of a few specimens, and some far-away shots of goats on a mountainside.

I have tried changing the search and sorting criteria at the top of the photo browsing, but nothing shows the preview photos. I’m curious why this is and if it is possible to show the preview photos. I feel like I may be missing a lot of observations not only for the goats here, but other organisms as well.

The View More loads photos automatically from the observations (as far as I can tell) and there are only two observations of that subspecies, so very few photos show up there. The first photos you see when viewing a taxon page can be manually edited and they don’t have to come from observations. If you select a photo and click the info button on the bottom right, you can see where it comes from.

This first image is not actually from an observation, but from Wikimedia Commons.

The second photo is of an observation, but not one IDed to this subspecies, so it won’t show up in the View More. You can add photos from any observation, even ones that are different species.

Every other photo in that case either comes from an observation not IDed to this particular subspecies, or an external photo.

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Ah, ok! So the previews are not necessarily observations of that species. Thank you for clarifying that.

I was having trouble finding answers with Google, as it kept directing me to people who’s observations weren’t showing up for various reasons, rather than addressing the previews.

Glad I’m not missing anything!

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