Prioritize Display of Community-Curated Places

Good Morning, Folks:

Small feature request: I would like the ability to prioritize community-curated places as they are displayed on my own records.

For example: in Calendar view, the location matches listed for all of my local observations have three community-curated places (“Rainy Lake to Lake of the Woods Natural Area, ON, CA” - “Ottawa to Regina Corridor, CA” - “Grand Portage to Lake Athabasca”) that have no relevance to me. I’m sure they have relevance to the users that created them…but I would strongly prefer to see places I’ve created that are relevant to my own record-keeping (e.g., “Ontario EcoRegion 5S - Agassiz Clay Plain, ON, CA.”) When there’s only sufficient display space for three community locations, I would like to make them count.

Could the default sort order be set to give highest priority to places created by the user? If not automatically, then by an on-off toggle?

Appreciate your attention to this, thank you -